Thursday, 22 August 2013

                                         The larine summer outing 2013

                                                        By john Anglim

We set off on Thursday morning, August 15th the skies were dark and overcast, we had a fine bus, our driver was Simon and our tour guide was Michael-a very informed man indeed, we had our four staff Paul, Tina, Martin and Ann.

Around nineteen trainees travelled, Tina and Derek brought two cameras from the camera club. Our first port of call was the Ardboyne hotel for tea/coffee and scones; we then made our way to Slane castle. There a very nice young man took us on a tour of the castle, he was very good, we saw all the different rooms upstairs and downstairs, he also gave us information on the unfortunate fire that they had in 1991 and how thankfully they have now restored most of the damage that was done due to the fire, he also told us that U2 recorded an album in the castle and he gave us a list of all the concerts that have taken place since, people like the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi and Madonna and off course U2 they did two concerts in the same year.

There were so many Kings, Queens, Dukes and Earls that visited the castle i can’t remember them all, King James and King William spring to mind and of course Queen Victoria.

We left there and journeyed on to Drogheda, our guide, Michael, gave a sunny commentary on all the places of interest as our bus drove on.

As we approached Drogheda the former overcast skies gave way to heavy rain and unfortunately this was to set a pattern for the rest of the day. In Drogheda some people visited the roman catholic church and saw Saint St Oliver Plunkets head, Eamon and myself went shopping and I got some CDs I actually struck gold in a music shop as I got slim dusty on CD singing a song I have been searching for for 20 years at least, that song is “the pub with no beer” that was great, Noel got 3 CDs for €10.00 a real bargain, all the rest of the gang got a good bit of stuff as well.

With the rain really coming down in torrents, we got back to the bus and made our way back once again to the Ardboyne hotel in Navan where we got a beautiful meal served by very pleasant staff.

At around 6:45pm we left for Larine and would you believe it Michael ou tour guide sang “the pub with no beer “on the journey home. Despite the atrocious weather everyone had a great day, it was my first outing with Larine and please god I will look forward to many more.

                                     John Anglim.

The larine summer outing 2013

Friday, 3 May 2013

Larine and Genil St Patricks Day Parade 2013

finally uploaded :-) our winning entry in saint paddys day parade 2013
(there is a two minute silence near the end of the film I don't know why, I tried to fix it but its still there, hope you enjoy it never the less.)